5 Years

5 years ago at this very minute…


… we had no idea what our lives were going to turn in to.

… Non was holding my hand.

… Jack didn’t have a feeding tube.

… J was grumpy because she wanted attention.

… we lived in Savannah.

… our friends and family were all with us.

… we were so happy—blissfully naive.

… it was a Tuesday.





–and with the signature of a judge, our son was ours. Ours.


It really was Jack’s Big Day.


And it always will be.


Look at how many changes happen in the blink of an eye. So much has changed us–there by shaping who we have become. It’s a good day to reflect on how quickly the tide changes, and how grateful we are for each and every person who stands by us, fighting for our Jackpot. Thank you…from the bottom of our hearts.



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