Last week, we had the opportunity to have one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

We met the One and Only Britt Anderson!

Well, what really happened was that Jack is part of the Littlest Heroes Project. This is a program that just touches my heart in so many ways. It was started by a young girl who thought that children with life-altering disabilities or serious illnesses should be given the gift of art. She managed to wrangle professional photographers and artists from all over the country to sign up for her program and help out.

Our Little Hero got to have his photo shoot last week with Britt. It was one of the most beautiful moments we have ever gotten to share with our son, and one that will never be forgotten!

If you are friends with me here, you can see the pictures…or, you can read Britt’s Blog (and give her some well-deserved love!) and see some of the photos too.

I’m truly just speechless!


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